Love Your Job, Make An Impact

At Fox Financial, we guide people through their financial journeys. We have an amazing mission focused team that are driven by the relationships that we create with our community.

We work really hard to make working at Fox Financial an amazing experience. In addition, we have a team of truly exceptional people that have genuine care for one another. Relationships are a key to what we do – externally with our customers and internally with each team member.

Most Flexible Schedule Ever

In an ideal situation the workday would start around 9am and end around or after 5pm. That said, as long as you are getting the work done you can choose what your workday looks like.

Take Breaks, Watch TV, & Play Games

It is very common to see Fox Financial team members binge watch Netflix shows, scroll through social media, play games, and more while working. We believe you should enjoy your job!

Up Your Game

We are serious about helping you become a master of your craft. We want to give you any piece of equipment or resources that might make you better at your job.

Put Family First

You must always put your family before Fox Financial. We take this seriously. If you get a text or call from a family member in the middle of work, and you need to be with that family member – do it!

Job Openings

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Our Culture

Our purpose is to make a positive financial impact on families in our community and guide people through their financial journeys. Everyone on our team truly believes in our purpose and go above and beyond to help our clients make wise decisions. It is imperative that everybody on our team is aligned around our central focus of guiding our clients but we also believe in having fun while we work!

“Much of my life is poured into my work. In many ways, my business is my "baby".  As a result, I consider it to be one of the highest honors to have someone desire to be a part of it. This means more to me than I can express."

Thomas Wilson, Founder

The direct success of Fox Financial can be accurately attributed to talent and work ethic of our incredible team and we would not be here if it weren't for them and our wonderful clients whom put their trust in us.